HVAC technician doing routine air conditioner maintenance

Racine and Kenosha Counties Trust Us With Their Air Conditioner Repair and Installation

Air conditioners are just as important to getting through the summer heat as popsicles and ice-cold water. So when homeowners in Racine and Kenosha counties need their HVAC units serviced, they turn to the best in the area—Andrews Heating & Cooling. Our cooling services have helped Wisconsinites beat the heat for more than 25 years.

Need Your AC Repaired or Serviced in Greater Racine? Schedule a Visit With Us Today

If your air conditioner goes out, you need someone to fix it ASAP. That’s where our expert technicians and their heating and cooling industry experience come in. We can diagnose problems on the spot and make any repairs along the way—we do this for all makes and models. Fixing a problematic air conditioner has never been easier.

We Specialize in Full Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement in Greater Racine

Repairing a faulty air conditioner is always our priority, but the sad truth is that no HVAC lasts forever. The good news is that we can handle all installations and replacements if a repair isn’t safe or affordable. We’ll share all available options that fit your space restrictions and budget, whether it’s a new central air system or heat pump. We even install ductless split systems for homes without ductwork—or for recent renovations and additions.

Avoid Cooling Catastrophes With Regular System Maintenance and Cleaning

At Andrews Heating, we always suggest scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance and cleanings. Annual appointments enable our pros to spot and fix potential problems before they happen. This helps keep your AC running more efficiently for longer, extending the unit’s life and keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Our Air Conditioning Service Will Keep You Cool and Comfortable

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your Sturtevant-area home as cool as it should be, give us a call at 262-456-6156 or schedule an appointment with our techs online. We take your comfort