HVAC technician doing routine furnace maintenance

Heating Up Greater Racine With Expert Boiler and Furnace Repair Service

It takes a strong person to survive a Wisconsin winter, and Andrews Heating & Cooling believes that a strong person deserves a strong heating system. That’s why our experts work tirelessly to ensure your furnace or boiler is up for battling Mother Nature.

We Offer Complete Heating Repair Services in Racine and Kenosha Counties

Unfortunately, hiccups in your furnace or boiler happen. At Andrews Heating, we know that the cold waits for no one. So when you call or contact us for help, we don’t mess around. We work quickly to find any issues, and we’re just as quick to repair them. Our team of professionals has seen it all and will do everything they can to extend your heating system’s lifespan.

Racine County’s Furnace and Boiler Installation Experts

Southeastern Wisconsinites come to Andrews Heating for their heating needs because they trust us. When an HVAC repair is no longer safe or affordable, our expert technicians will walk you through your replacement options to find the most efficient and affordable solution, whether it’s a new furnace or a boiler replacement. We’ll get to work installing your new system right away so you stay safe and warm. Remodeling or renovating your house? We also specialize in ductless split system installation, so you can heat any part of your house easily without worrying about ductwork.

Providing Southeastern Wisconsin With Expert HVAC Maintenance

The best furnace or boiler repair is the one you never have to make. That’s why we suggest regular heating system maintenance and cleanings to help reduce unit breakdowns. (We recommend the same for your cooling system.) Not only will regular service extend your unit’s lifespan, but it will also make it run more efficiently, which will help you save on energy costs. In the heating and cooling business, we call that a ‘win-win.’

Need a System Tuneup in Racine or Kenosha Counties? Give Us a Shout

If your Sturtevant-area heating system doesn’t seem to be getting the job done, call us at 262-456-6156 or schedule a visit with us online. Our knowledgeable and friendly technicians are more than happy to answer all your questions and put their more than 25 years of industry experience to work for you.